Governor Beebe Tours Damage in Earle

EARLE, AR (KAIT)-  On Monday the damage still sits visible in Earle.

Many buildings are still missing their frames, trees are lining the sidewalks, and utility companies are working to restore utilities.

Earle Industries is one of the businesses hit the hardest. The warehousing facility lost about 25 percent of it's inventory, but as forklifts sift through the remains, a new week means business.

"We are still obviously in the disaster recovery process, but it is Monday. It's business as usual," said Peter Felsenthel, the company's President and Co-owner.

A walk through the damage and down the city's streets leads us to Earle Baptist Church.

The 106 year old building and the newly added gym were among places that were nearly a complete loss.

"We're probably looking at total destruction of everything and starting over," said Pastor Steven Bailey.

With the history of the church, he says they will try to salvage as much as possible.

"We are going to try to salvage a lot of the stained glass windows. We are going to try and salvage the front of the building. We are going to try and salvage all of that and put it in the new building," said Bailey.

And Governor Beebe spent his day touring Earle, and talking to residents. He looked at the damage, and was thankful that no one was hurt in this community.

"One of the things that you notice, is that the first volunteers on a disaster scene, are often times the victims of the previous disaster," said Governor Beebe.

He also noted that as you look around you can see how much better the local, state, and federal agencies are working together in disasters of this nature.

"People are resilient. They are working together in the cleanup first, and then putting things back together. I'm so prould of the volunteers, and I'm so proud of the first responders," said


And now for many residents and businesses the challenge is just beginning.

"It's going to be a difficult process, but it's a challenge that we'll meet," said Felsenthel.

The Governor is expected to declare Earle a disaster area.

It's still unclear just how much damage has been done at this time.

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