2 Year Old Dog Trapped In Car Since Saturday

JONESBORO,AR -- (KAIT) Queenie is finally getting cooled off after someone put her in a hot car on Saturday morning and left her there all weekend.

"The dog was under the drivers seat steering wheel which was the only place she could find shade. It's in the mid 70's out here, inside the car it's close to 100," said Wannda Turner with Northeast Arkansans' for Animals.

The windows were cracked, but Turner says there was only a little food, but no water.

"The dog was panting heavily and his tongue was dark in color. By this afternoon the car would have reached over 100 degrees. The dog could have possibly gone into respiratory arrest. It's heart could have stopped because of dehydration and because of the heat," said Turner.

The property manager at Viking Apartments in Jonesboro got word there was a dog stuck in a car in the parking lot of the complex, and she called animal control.

It's unclear at this point who the  2 year old pit bull belongs to, or why she was put in the car all weekend.

Wannda Turner with Northeast Arkansans' For Animals says this story is all the more horrifying because she says this was not an accident--and something that should never have happened.

"I am turning the dog over to animal control. They are going to issue citations when they find the person who put the dog in the car, and the person who owns the dog.  From there, we're going to try and prosecute for animal cruelty," said Turner.