Baby Fractures Skull after Fall from Window

FORT SMITH, AR - Fort Smith police say a 1-year-old boy fractured his skull after falling from a second-story window at his family's home.

Authorities say David Dunson suffered a hairline skull fracture when he fell out of the window Monday afternoon.  The boy was asleep upstairs while his mother was downstairs preparing food, police said.  The window was open a few inches for fresh air.

"At some point the baby woke up, went to the window and fell to the ground," Sgt. Jarrard Copeland said.  "The window was open a few inches, but the baby managed to squeeze through it."

Authorities say a 10-year-old boy and his stepfather were walking by the home, and they discovered the baby lying on the ground.

"The baby was crying, but he was conscious," Copeland said.  "The mom didn't even know the baby had fallen out the window; she thought the baby was upstairs asleep."

Police say they're investigating the case.

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