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Prosecutor Investigating Racist Memo

TEXARKANA, AR - Arkansas State Police are investigating an apparently forged memorandum purported to be from Miller County Judge Roy John McNatt.  The memo asks for help in "getting rid of blacks" in the county's road department.

Miller County Prosecutor Brent Haltom says the memo appears to be a forgery and will be investigated by federal authorities as well, because it could be construed as voter fraud.  Judge McNatt says he did not write the memo on his stationary, with a subject line of "Black Employees."

McNatt says you can see lines on the paper that look like they're pasted together.  He says the stationary is authentic and so is his signature, but nothing else is true.

The memo, dated March 30, 2005, reads "I need your help in getting rid of Blacks in the Road Dept.  All I need Blacks for is votes, nothing else pass that.  This letter is confidential between you and I, once read please destroy."

The memo was addressed to Road Foreman J.W. Crabtree.  Crabtree says he never received such a memo in 2005.

McNatt is the incumbent county judge, the top elected official in Miller County.  He is being challenged by Jerry Sewell in the May 20 Democratic primary.

Sewell declined to comment about the memo.

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