Trashing Region 8: Greene County Site

GREENE COUNTY , AR (KAIT)- This week we are on the road with the Greene County Sheriff to an illegal dumping site just off of Greene County Road 443 to the Northwest of Marmaduke.

Little did we know that this would be one of the largest and oldest sites that we've stumbled upon. In fact, an 8-track cassette tape of the Harper Valley PTA was lying in the trash, just to give you an idea how old the site is, and for the magnitude of this site, you had to take a look down the hill.

In fact lining the hill and the gulley below is everything from furniture, to old tires, a few left over gifts, some likely contaminated food, and even cleaning supplies.

"It's convenient dumping. It's not like they have to pull off the road with the possibility of getting stuck or anything like that. They just chunk it out on the side of the road," said Langston.

Greene County Sheriff Dan Langston said with so much territory to cover in the county, remote dump sites like this one are hard to patrol unless they are called upon and notified.

"Unless we get a call of tresspassers or something like that, we pretty much don't come back in here," said Langston.

Unfortunately. it is these remote areas that fall victim to illegal dumping the most.

The frequency at which illegal dumping is happening is still shocking.  Just today, we rolled into the scene in Greene County and found a pile of wood burning and smoldering, just signifying the fact that illegal dumping has been happening in the last few hours.

As Sheriff Langston radios back the tags from a boat left behind probably several years ago, he noted that to really patrol this takes observation and perception.

"It's 90 percent luck and 10 percent what to look for, and your deputies and your patrol vehicles have to be in the right spot at the right time," said Langston.

And being in the right spot at the right time could be where you can help.

Sheriff Langston tells me that if you see someone hauling something suspicious to take down the tag number and report it to your local authorities so that they can keep an account of it and when deemed necessary prosecute those responsible.

Trashing Region 8 is currenlty compiling a list of people who would like to help clean up some of these problem areas.  If you or your group are interested please email us at  You can also use this email address to contact us with illegal dumpsites in your area.  We ask that you be patient, and we will try to respond as quickly as possible, but due to the large response to this series it is taking a while to get back with everyone.  Thanks Region 8 for helping us make this a better community for everyone.

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