City Working on Flooding Problem in Bono

BONO, AR (KAIT) -- A number of communities saw some flooding as a result of last Friday's storms.  One such community was Bono and it occurred in an area that floods often.

This is what one Bono neighborhood looked like last Friday.

"We sent pictures of our front yard the water comes all the way up to our front door," said Jean Carter.

Resident Jean Carter said flooding happens when it rains hard.

"Usually it gets up to about six to eight inches out here to the end of the yard almost anytime it rains," said Carter.

Carter lives on Alta Street which is in what Mayor L.M. Duncan said is one of the worst areas to flood in the city.

"Right here up on Michael Street and Danny Street the water backs up because it can't get out from down here fast enough," said L.M. Duncan.

The City of Bono is working to make the flooding problem better.  In the last month, these ditches just past the railroad tracks have been made deeper making the water flow out faster.  Larger tiles have been added at the drainage ditches to improve water flow.

Another kink in the system is that Duncan said a slow rain isn't so bad, but when it rains like it did last Friday the water goes up faster than it can drain away.

"We have a twelve foot drop from the top of the hill down here so it comes down here fast," said Duncan.

"It seemed to get a little worse this time because it rained so fast," said Carter.

Duncan said they are doing everything they can to improve this problem, in fact the Bono Lake project is supposed to help ease the flooding for some areas in the Northern part of the city.

"The Bono Lake project is going to help about 20% to 30$ on the north side of town, so we're in pretty good shape over there.  We just have get down here fixed a lot better," said Duncan.

The Bono Lake is expected to be completed by the fall of  2009.