Shooter Training for JPD

JONESBORO (KAIT) - Every day police officers go to work in a dangerous and often deadly environment. The officer in his police car may be the first on a scene and face a person ready to shoot.

Lt. Roy Coleman, JPD "Line officers are gonna be your first responders. Your initial contact with any type of call, whether it's an accident, burglary, homicide, critical incident. Your patrol officers are the backbone of the department.they re the ones that are going to respond first."

"So it's imperative that they know some functional skills, survival skills to maintain it and secure it until SWAT can get there."

Around twenty officers gathered in the old J. C. Penny's building. An excellent location for close in training.

Coleman, "The structure, the way the offices are laid out, you have a large floor space, things that are conducive to an environment to an actual working business."

The scenario was set up so officers had to work through and clear a location of active shooters simulated by targets. Working as team the officers moved from room to room searching.

In training and reality, keeping your team mates safe is priority one. Knowing how to think ahead is one of the key results of this training.

Coleman, "There's problems that you have to be thinking ahead and realize how to negotiate these obstacles and resolve it successfully with no injuries."

Although the guns look real they aren't  "We use some training rounds that produce paint pellets. They can actually be marked."

Not fatal but I'm told they sting and can leave a bruise.

Everything else the officers have is their normal equipment and bullet proof vest they wear every day.

It is a lot of training crammed into a couple of days.

Coleman, "Different types of room entries, clearing techniques. Things of that nature. Officer safety, officer survival skills in a hostile environment. "

Later on in the training there will be role players involved who will be shooting back at the officers not cardboard cutouts.

Having someone shooting at you is nothing any police officer wants but if the situation presents itself the Jonesboro Police Department is ready.