School Getting Read to Open

EARLE, AR (KAIT) -- Earle is one of several communities in the state of Arkansas that was hit by a tornado last Friday.

As cleanup continues, one of the impacted areas in the town is getting ready to open back up for business.  The elementary school hit hard by the storm will reopen tomorrow for students.

The auditorium and forth grade classrooms were completely destroyed.  The building for first and second graders has roof, ceiling, and window damage.

"I had a window blown out and I have water leakage in my room.  I was trying to get those things done so there would not be any more water damage," said teacher Margaret Bailey.

Some students are being moved into the gym where make-shift classrooms have been built.

"We've set our first grade and our second grade in this building because our main building has been damaged and so these petitions are to sit off each of our classrooms," said Earle Elementary Principal Carloss Guess.

Third and fourth grade students will be using other buildings not damaged by the storm, but some of the buildings are beyond repair.

They hope to have the repairs done by early next week and have the kids back in their actual classrooms by Monday or Tuesday.

"The children think of this as their home.  It's their home away from home, so it's going to be devastating  for them to come back and look what has happened to their school," said Guess.

Another bright spot for the children that are already going through so much, a special bus is in town called "C.J.'s Bus".  "C.J.'s Bus" travels to different sites damaged by tornados to give kids something to do while their parents clean up after the storms.