Earle Elementary Students Healing in the Classroom

EARLE, AR (KAIT) -- School for Earle Elementary students is back in session and for some students, returning to the classroom could be difficult.  Some students were inside the school when the storm hit, some were on the school bus, while others had made it home.

Now these children are dealing with the emotional stress brought on by the storm while trying to learn inside the classroom.  That's why the teachers are using part of their day letting the kids tell their stories.

"I was very frightened because of the tornado inside of my house," said one student.

"The tornado damaged my house a little bit, but my house was still standing and everyone was ok," said another student.

"All of the kids wanted to speak with me and tell me about their experiences they had during the tornado," said teacher Sandra Smith.

While there were a few empty chairs most of the kids came back to school on Thursday.  However some were too upset to stay.

"I've had some that can't sleep at night so it's been a devastating disaster for all of us," said Principal Carloss Guess.

"Right now I'm just more concerned with the students and how they're feeling," said Smith.

Seeing their school so damaged is hard on the children and the emotional state of the kids is one thing that's getting extra attention.

"When we came to see the damage Friday my little girl just burst into tears and her father had to console her because children love to come to school," said Parent Lisa Austin.

One thing that's making it even harder for the kids is that they are away from their normal classrooms.

Even with all the damage, nobody associated with the school was hurt in the storm.

First and second grade students are in temporary classrooms in the gym while their school building is being repaired.  The building will be inspected to make sure it is safe before the children will be allowed back inside.