Fuel v. Budget in Paragould

JONESBORO (KAIT) - Like all of us, cities have to manage their money. The city of Paragould is watching its' fuel bill very closely and taking some steps to help during this fuel crisis.

One of the essential services is one of the biggest fuel users.

The sanitation department runs seven trucks a day covering hundreds of miles each week.       Since it's mostly stop and go operations it's probably not the most fuel efficient. The city does buy in bulk but each truck holds fifty gallons of diesel and fills up each day. Already the sanitation fuel use is over budget.

Mayor Mike Gaskill says he may have to shift some funds around.

The police department has 14 vehicles in it's fleet, these cars aren't known for great mileage and they must run almost the whole time the officer is aboard.

Currently police cars are sitting shut down in high traffic areas for visibility and for officers to complete paperwork.

Another use is pairing up 2 officers in one car. Leaving a car parked. This plan saves gas and also provides instant backup.

And not burning fuel and spending the money is the name of the game.

Mayor Gaskill says at this point no city services have been modified however if gas keeps increasing in price some things may have to change.