Earle Bus Driver Says Tornado Picked Up Bus

EARLE, AR (KAIT) -- "I told the children, I said look, we're in this storm and we're going to have to get down," said Earle school bus driver, James Wilson.

That storm that went through the area that Earle bus driver James Wilson is talking about was later determined to be an E-F 3 tornado.

Wilson was in the middle of his bus route taking kids home last Friday when he and the students on the bus got the ride of their lives.

"All of the sudden I saw the trees starting to fall in front of the bus.  The storm, you could see it, looked like it was coming directly at us. I thought this windshield was going to come out. I said look, we have to got to get down in the aisle here," said Wilson.

James says there were around 7 kids on the bus.

They huddled in the aisle of the bus, covered their heads, and braced themselves James says as they bared the brunt of the storm.

"All of the sudden the bus raised up in the air and it came back down. Then the air came in through this door then shot on out just like that. We came down and the storm was over," said Wilson.

Left behind were downed trees, destroyed homes and businesses, but fortunately James and the kids on the bus were okay.

Surrounded by devastation.... James says his experience was like a dream.

He says he felt numb when it was over.

James probably saved some of those kids lives that fateful Friday, but he gives all of the credit to a much higher power.

"I said it will be alright--we're in the Lord's hands--there isn't anything we can do," said Wilson.