Floodwaters Restrict Access to Wildlife Management Areas

BRINKLEY, AR - Receding floodwaters on some of Arkansas' wildlife management areas have revealed a great deal of damage to roads and camping areas.  Because of damage, the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission is keeping Sheffield Nelson Dagmar and Henry Gray Hurricane Lake WMAs closed to vehicular traffic.

Parking and camping areas on Dagmar WMA remain soft because of the flood.

"We were fortunate not to have received any more damage than we did, but allowing traffic on these areas before they can adequately drain and harden-up will cause damage and additional repair costs," said AGFC regional supervisor Mike Coker.

Most of the access roads on Hurricane Lake WMA remain under water.

"At this point, the extent of the damage to access roads is largely unknown," Coker said.  "Road systems within Henry Gray Hurricane Lake are still inundated as the White River at Augusta continues to slowly fall."

Coker said both WMAs will be open for spring squirrel season, which begins May 10.

"We are not closing the hunting season," Coker said.  "However, access will be largely restricted to just the edge of the areas.  Access gates at the perimeter will be closed."

As areas dry and receive repairs, opening dates will be announced on the AGFC Web site, www.agfc.com.