Rice Still Not Planted

CASH (KAIT)- For many rice and soybean farmers in region 8, the season is moving ahead and some have little if nothing in the fields due to the rains.

Still not having your rice and beans planted in may is not a good sign.

The recent flood waters off the Cache have finally receded but the persist ant rains keep field access limited.

I caught up with Joe Christian and his crew today at his farm outside Cash. They weren't able to get into the fields today so were using the time to work on equipment.

Joe says because of field conditions he's had to resort to using a fertilizer spreader to seed his rice, it works but you use more seed. He estimates that he is three, possible four weeks off schedule with his rice. By now he says he should be in flood and fertilizer and planting soybeans.

Late in means late harvest and Joe says planting this late usually doesn't work well for him.

For now it's a waiting game, with more rain in the forecast it may be some time next week before he can begin seeding again.

Christian believes he has lost 10 to 20 bushels or more of rice per acre due to the late planting.