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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Memphis Man Nearly Drowns While Chasing Baseball

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A Mid-South man's love for baseball recently nearly cost him his life.  Anthony Cardona stopped breathing for more than two minutes after running into trouble while trying to retreive a special ball.

Cardona got into trouble on May 4th, when his nephew walked up to the plat and hit a home run.  The ball went into a nearby pond.  Cardona wanted to fish the ball out and keep it as a souvenier.

There's was just one problem: Cardona can't swim.  He quickly went under, in serious danger of drowing.

"He was solid gray, with no life in him, period," coach Michael Sharp said.  "In my opinion, he was dead."

Sharpt and Robert Necaise were coaching the team Cardona's newphew was playing on, but left the dugout to help administer CPR on him.  Meanwhile, the players looked on.

"It shook them up a bit," Necaise said.  "We're trying to teach them life.  Be prepared for everything that comes your way."

Medics quickly arrived to stabalize Cardona, who is currently recovering at a hospital in Southaven.

"He's a very strong person," Heather Cardona said. "I know he's a fighter."

Beyond the hits and runs, wins and losses, the coaches said the incident seemed to teach their players another lesson- help your fellow man in need.  It was a lesson the players witnessed first-hand.

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