Medicine Assistance In Region 8

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) -- We all know that everything costs more these days, but a program in Region 8 is working to help out with drug costs.  A medicine assistance program with offices in two Region 8 counties is helping some pay for their prescriptions drugs.

"For anybody that has to take a lot of medication, it's so expensive and we're on a fixed income," said Ada Kirby.

Kirby takes several prescriptions and is one of over two hundred people in Region 8 that takes advantage of a Medical Assistance Program in Harrisburg.  Medical Assistant Ruth Ann Terry said the program can be a lifesaver for some.

"You get your drugs for $5 for a three month supply.  There are drugs on here that are $5 a pill and you can get them for a three month supply," said Terry.

There is a list of qualifications you have to meet for this program.  For instance you can't have any prescription insurance, be a member of Medicaid or Medicare or you will be disqualified.  To apply you have to have proof of employment, your last tax return, and your doctor has to sign off on it.  In addition to that, there are financial guidelines.

"$19,000 if you're single.  If they're married they can't make over $26,000.  If they've got 3 or 4 kids it might be up to $40,000 or $50,000," said Terry.

If you aren't sure if the prescriptions you need are covered by this program Terry said she can check her list of drugs on the computer and see if they are covered.

And she said there's no reason not to apply for this program if you qualify.  If your application is declined she will appeal it.

"It's just a great program.  It's just wonderful.  There's no reason for anybody not to be taking advantage of this," said Terry.

There is one office open in Greene County, one in Harrisburg, and another will open up this summer in Blytheville.

For more information you can call 870-578-2002.