13-Year Old Under Arrest for Ordering Pit Bull to "Sic Her"

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - 18 year-old Angelica Warner says one pit bull's bite was much worse than his bark.

"It's basically two puncture wounds from the dog's teeth," she says at she points to her leg.  "I couldn't feel it at first, but after that it hurt," she says.

She's back to work at Wendy's, but still mending her wounds.

"I got a tetanus shot and antibiotics and other things," says Warner.

Warner was attacked Tuesday night along Mike Drive in Northaven.  She says she was trying to break up a fight, and that a 13 year-old boy holding this pit bull by his collar ordered the dog to sic her.

"Next thing I knew -- the dog bit me," says Warner.

Shelby County Sheriff's investigators stand by her story.

"Since the dog was actually used as a weapon against her,  the charge of aggravated assault was placed," says Steve Shular with the Shelby Co. Sheriff's Office.

The 13 year-old boy was taken to juvenile lock-up.  The pit bull was placed "behind bars" at the pound.

Michael Hoyle believes his son should not have been charged.

"He shouldn't, no," says Michael Hoyle.

He tells us the dog was a stray until a few days ago.  He says it was simply protecting its new family when it attacked.

"Supposedly he got off the leash and my son was holding him trying to get him back on the leash," says Hoyle.

Angelica Warner disagrees and is glad Hoyle's son was charged.

"I really think he should have been cause he seen the dog attacking me and didn't do anything until after he bit me," says Warner.

Hoyle says he is hiring an attorney.  Meantime, he could be cited for not properly vaccinating the pit bull.

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