JETS Seeing Increase in Riders While Gas Prices Soar

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- "The gas prices are just so ridiculously high that you are not able to afford the amount of gas that you would need to get around in a vehicle exclusively, says JETS bus rider, Angela Wright.

With gas prices going up, so too is the number of people utilizing public transit in Jonesboro.

"We are up about fifty percent more than where we were last month," says Tawana Bailey.

Bailey works in the advertising and marketing department for JETS.

In fact, about one thousand more riders are using the buses than this time last month.

A trend JETS officials expect to continue as long as the cost of living continues to soar.

Not only is the number of riders going up, the number of people inquiring about the system is rising too.

"With the gas, it's kind of forcing people to learn more about the system so they can cut costs in other areas," Bailey.

Bailey says more and more people are using the buses as their sole transportation to work, school, and around town.

She says it's a system that's working exactly how it was intended to work.

"You can ride for ten dollars a week to and from work versus the 70 to 80 dollars it could cost you to fill up your vehicle with the gas prices the way they are," said Bailey.

Officials know more and more people are relying on JETS, so they are working hard to perfect the system in order to make it as convenient as possible.

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