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Melbourne, AR -- Brandi Hodges Reports

New School Finished in Melbourne; Shown off to Community

MELBOURNE, AR (KAIT) -- With $13,000,000 and two and a half years, people in the Izard County city of Melbourne are ready to get into their newly built school

"It's a facility that you dream about but never expect to have," said Melbourne resident Don Watson.

For students past and present a new high school in Melbourne stands ready to take them into the future.

"It was kind of a struggle to get it from the beginning to now, but it's been worth it and the students will benefit in the future because of it," said Melbourne Superintendent Gerald Cooper.

This multi-million dollar dream started after the consolidation of the Mount Pleasant and Melbourne school districts.  Now seventh through twelfth graders from both schools can combine as one which is something Governor Mike Beebe said they couldn't have done without the community.

"I know the faculty, staff, students and really the parents have to be proud of the effort and proud of what they have," said Beebe.

From the building to the grounds the price tag for this new school is around $13,000,000. 

"The money came from a millage increase and from state transitional money that was part of a one year program," said Cooper.

It's not just a change for the students' coming from Mount Pleasant.  This is also a change for the kids from Melbourne but it is one they're all looking forward to.

"I think it's a blessing and I think it's amazing what Melbourne and Mount Pleasant can do if they combine together," said Mount Pleasant student Nick Toltharp.

"This is an example, hopefully of a successful merger.  I know it happened a couple of years ago but I think the students ultimately will benefit from this facility and all that it will be able to provide for them," said Governor Beebe.

In addition to being big enough to house students from two different campuses the new school also has a lot of opportunities none of the students have ever had before.

"It's going to be great because we have all this new technology and all this new stuff that we can do around here," said Toltharp.

The students in elementary school will still attend classes on their respective campuses.  Classes in the new building begin this coming fall.

Friday also is graduation day for senior's at Melbourne High School.

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