Offbeat: John 3:16 Ministries

CHARLOTTE, AR (KAIT) - John 3:16 Ministries takes men with addiction and offers them the help they need to turn their lives around.  It's a spiritual bootcamp for men with adddictions.  "We don't just offer men a quick fix band aid, we offer men the cure.  Jesus Christ," said Brian Tuggle, the ministry's founder.  "In Christ all things are possible and these men find Jesus and find what they need to fill the hole in their life that they used to fill with drugs and alcohol."

Brian and his wife Beverly started John 3:16 Ministries in 2003 after Brian overcame his addictions through a similar ministry in Conway and he knew God wanted him to begin a ministry in northeast Arkansas.  John 3:16 began on 35 acres with 9 men desperate to end their lives of addiction.  Today Tuggle ministers to 35 men and hopes to have 50 men by the fall.

"Just like I was, these men are sick and tired of being sick and tired," said Tuggle.  "Most of them have hit rock bottom and have lost the will to live.  This is their last chance and when they realize that Jesus is the only way, they surrender and they are redeemed and made new in Christ."

The men spend their days in the six month program studying God's word and working.  They have several bible study opportunities throughout the day and they work both on campus and throughout the community.  John 3:16 also offers Unity House, a halfway house for the single men that graduate the program.  Helping them learn accountability and responsibility, Unity House offers them a job, a car and a place to stay for free, to help them transition back into the world.

"I am always amazed at what God has done and I can't wait to see what he's going to do with this ministry in the future," said Tuggle.

John 3:16 Ministries is fully funded from donations throughout Region 8, there are no public funds or taxpayer money used to finance the ministry.  All those in the ministry program come voluntarily and there is never a charge for anyone who participates.

For more information on how to get someone enrolled at John 3:16 or how to give a donation just call 870-799-2525 or go to