ANTM Gets a New Look

HOLLYWOOD, CA (KAIT) - America's Next Top Model's newest winner is making heads turn in the modeling business.

A plus size model, Whitney Thompson was the winner in the latest season in Tyra Banks' hit show.

Thompson is a size ten, which is considered to be plus size in runway modeling. She is the first plus size model to ever win America's Next Top Model.

Thompson said she had alot of backlash from doing the show. She stated that one of her previous friends told her she would never win because she was plus size. Thompson has also had many people on the internet say slanderous things about her achivement.

One viewer stated that she should have never won because she was too fat.

However, plus size modeling is on the rise. Tyra Banks has stated before on her show that she is a supporter of plus size modeling. Now being plus size herself, Banks was thrilled with a plus size winner.

The model industry will more than likely be ruled by thin women for a long time. It's very unlikely that plus size will rule out the skinny girls, but modeling is now making new rules for the extremely thin.

Now many models must have a clear medical record before they can hit the run way. This procedure could out the models with health problems.

Plus size modeling is becoming more natural everyday. More plus size models are hitting the market and with one winning ANTM, it's only going to get bigger.

No pun intended.