King's Ranch Appeal Heard, Upheld By City Council

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- For Dr. Eddie Cooper and his wife, Lee, the support was there at Tuesday night's city council meeting but, their full house of support wasn't enough to get majority council approval of their plan to house eight children at one of their properties in southwest Jonesboro.

"You know, it's just one of those things any time you step up and do something like this there's opposition, so we've come to expect it," said Dr. Cooper.

The council voted 6-6 in favor of upholding a decision made by the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission in March, to deny the Cooper's request for a conditional use permit.

One by one, nearby homeowners shared their concerns with the council.

"This is a calling for 40 children. I don't see that this changes to eight children because eight children doesn't do the job," said neighbor Jim Schrantz.

The council also heard from Dr. Cooper's wife, Lee.

She recalled for the council the moment she stumbled across a group of children living alone, with no adult taking care of them.

"There was no food in the house for the children to eat, they had no clean clothes to wear and noone to take care of them," said Mrs. Cooper. "That's when I was put outside my comfortable life and realized there was another world out there."

Despite the decision, the Cooper's say they'll continue to fight to make King's Ranch a reality.

"It is possible for us to start with five children, we won't be able to help as many."

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