Jacksonport State Park To Reopen Friday

JONESBORO, AR  (KAIT) -- Just in time for the holiday weekend, Jacksonport State Park will reopen to visitors.

This, after weeks of work to restore the park after a saturating spring left most of the park under several feet of water.

Mark Ballard is the Jacksonport State Park Superintendent.

"We closed the park on March 19th, water started coming in on the 20th.  The 21st, water got up pretty high," said Ballard.

As a result of being hit hard twice by mother nature, once in March and again in April, Jacksonport State Park was left under several feet of raging flood waters.

Restoration of the park, and it's attractions,  has been a daunting task after record flooding closed off most of the park to the public for weeks.

"We've been in here about a month to three weeks really working to get things ready," said Ballard.

From re paving the roads to repainting the picnic tables, progress is apparent.

While some evidence of the flooding remains, park officials will reopen the park to visitors including campers, this Friday, just in time for the holiday weekend.

"We're expecting to have a lot of folks here, and hopefully people will come out and enjoy the park," said Ballard.

If it's anything like past years, Ballard expects thousands of people to pass through the park this holiday weekend.

It's taken a lot of heart, but very few people to get the park in such good condition just weeks after devastating floods.

And just a reminder, Portfest is just two weeks away.

Park officials say they will continue to make progress on the park for that event.

To learn more about Jacksonport State Park, including details on the 75th anniversary of state parks, you can find this story on our website and click on the Arkansas State Parks link.