Walking for a Reason

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) -- Every journey starts with a single step...for one man traveling through Region 8, he's using his journey as a way to call attention to children's education.

It's a journey of a thousand miles, with little more than can be carried in a small covered wagon pulled by Montie Cudd.  The World War II veteran began his trip in Bono, where he was born in 1925.

"At 83-years-old if I can get pretty close to these 1,000 miles in this heat, I can make that sacrifice," said Cudd.

His walk is to raise awareness for education and leadership, something he believes shouldn't be left just up to schools.  He's part of an organization called Karate for Christ, which involves children learning via karate medication and togetherness.

This isn't the first time Cudd has hit the road, he's completed several journeys, including running from Chicago to Detroit nearly 30 years ago.

"How many miles do you think you've walked total?" asked reporter Heather Flanigan. "I don't know," replied Cudd, "I don't know how far these distances are.  Like I said, I'll have stronger legs, my mind will be stronger, it's pretty rough, and it takes a lot of commitment."

Cudd hopes to have a meeting with Governor Beebe when he finishes his journey...he says he's on target to complete his walk around July 12th.