When You Have To Walk

JONESBORO (KAIT) - With today's high gas prices being what they are, could you give up your car and walk to work?

What if you had no choice?

It's Friday morning, the sun is up and the temperature already climbing into the 80's.

At Riceland Foods, the day shift is pulling up in their cars and the night shift is leaving in their's.

On GEE street, people are driving to and from work, all except this man.

Meet Jim Burrow

A man who likes where he works, feels that being on time to work is important but can't afford to drive his car, to work. His solution.

Burrow, "I lived in Lawrence county and about 5 months ago I moved here. Closer to work where I could be here on time and things of that sort."

Jim lived near Egypt, not a long commute but enough to make a difference between fuel and food.

"It was approximately 30 dollars a week, not bad really but that thirty dollars a week is a lot to eat on. "

Jim lives about 15 walking minutes away from Riceland and as I struggled to keep up with him he told me his concern about giving to others, namely the March of Dimes campaign at work.

Burrow, "There's a lot of people that's paying so much in gas they can't afford to donate. That's so sad that you can't ake your pennies and dimes to the level of donating."

We finally reached his apartment where he showed me his car, not being used, no insurance just sitting there waiting someday for gas prices to go down again.

And as I was walking back from Jim's house I ran into another man who had been walking to work for three years.

Donald Mahan lives on Warner, it takes him about 25 minutes to walk to work at Builders Material Company. Unlike Jim he can't even afford a car.

Mahan, "Gas is expensive so if I can get some money to get a scooter or anything it would help cause gas is high."

Besides walking to work both Donald and Jim agree that things are not going to get any better.

Mahan, "Cause everything's going up, food, the electric bill everything's just going."

Burrow, "The economy the way it is just steady gonna get worse I feel."