Do Engine Oil Prices Really Compare To Those Of Fuel?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -  "I'm here today to stock up on oil because I figure it's going to go up just like the gas prices."

James Harris is just one consumer who is surpised since motor oil comes from the same source as gasoline, that the price hasn't went up already.

"I dont' really understand the difference because if you have to use oil to make gas or whatever, then why hasn't the oil went up. I just don't understand that fact," said Harris.

According to auto parts stores, engine oil has actually seen little increase in it's price in the last year or so.

"Only about 10 or 20 cents," said Samantha Hart, Manager of Auto Zone.

But is the cost of engine oil really that much cheaper than the cost of gasoline, or is the price of gas finally catching up? Think about this. Each quart of engine oil costs anywhere from two to seven dollars each, and it takes four to make a gallon. That cost is considerably more than a gallon of gasoline, which is currently sitting at $3.80 per gallon.

"I think it's the gas catching up with the oil basically."

Doyle Howell of Cardwell, Missouri says he thinks it really just boils down to supply and demand.

"More people drive, then actually have to have oil. You have to change oil but not as much as you have to fill up," said Howell.

That's why Autozone Manager, Samantha Hart, says most of thier business is gearing towards one product now.

"The fuel treatments mainly, like the STP fuel treatments or the foam treatments. Anything that's going to save them gas," said Hart.

And at a time when it seems the cost of everything is going anywhere but down, a thought for the fuel companies from one consumer.

"It affects us more than it does anybody else. So, if they want to hurt America, they are doing a good job with it," said Harris.

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