Man Recovering from BBQ Mishap

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Before you fire up your barbeque grill, listen carefully to a Memphis man's wife's advice.

"Just please take extra precaution so something like this doesn't happen," Carmen Culler said.

Her husband was preparing to throw food on the grill this Memorial Day weekend when he nearly went up in flames.

Anson Culler was standing in front of the charcoal grill when it happened. He was squirting lighter fluid from this bottle.  "And the flame caught the bottle and his hand and my son said that the bottle exploded," Culler said.

Jordan Dennison was just a few feet away.  "I was screaming...trying to get my mom's attention," Dennison said.

His face was severely blistered and they actually had to peel the skin off of his face.

Carmen said she broke down when she saw her husband in the hospital not long after he was rushed there from the house.  "When my mother and I entered the room yesterday, we just held each other and cried because it's so devastating," Culler said.

The family has a new respect for outdoor everyday activity that almost became deadly.

The family believes the bottle may have had a hole in it, allowing lighter fluid to squirt on Anson Culler and the fire.

Luckily for Anson, he is expected to make a full recovery.