High Gas Prices Lead to 4 Day Work Week

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- If you just got back in to town from the Memorial Day holiday you have noticed how high gas prices are.  To try to help their employees cope with the ever rising prices, some businesses are changing the way they do business.

Crowley's Ridge Development Council is one of those organizations that works to help other people.  With prices going up for everything, employees are struggling to help themselves with their everyday bills including the big one, the gas bill.

That's why the Crowley's Ridge Development Council is moving to a four day work week.

"The more gas it takes to fill up your car then the more money you have to come up with from groceries and other bills," said CRDC employee Jackie Burns.

Burns is one of several employees at Crowley's Ridge Development Council who commutes to work everyday.  The distances their employees drive is what led to the decision to move to a four day work week.

"If you drive in from Harrisburg to Jonesboro or Paragould to Jonesboro it's a significant amount of change to get back and forth to work everyday," said CRDC Director of Planning and Community Development Wendy Alexander.

This new "green schedule" starts next week and Alexander said it should really help employees.

"Just by having those longer work days and that one day off we're going to impact our individual gas consumption by 20% during the summer," said Alexander.

The four day work week is on a voluntary basis and not everyone will take advantage of it.  Alexander said there are some programs that run seven days a week and those programs won't be able to let their employees work four day weeks because they won't have enough people.

"Every director is getting with each individual employee and they're working out their own schedules," said Alexander.

They say this is just temporary through the summer.  They'll have to take another look at it this fall if gas prices continue to rise.