Soups On, at Blytheville Charter

BLYTHEVILLE (KAIT) A Region Eight school is helping students learn skills they will need once they enter the real world

Many of us asked ourselves,  "now we have graduated from high school, now what?"

Some of the students that graduate from the Blytheville Charter School won't have to say that they will already be prepared for the world of work.

Cheryl Smith, Family and Consumer Sciences educator, "The training as far as hands on before they actually get on a job. And having to learn the hard way. They get there are as far as team work what they learn from school. "

The school is developing a new program to teach the skills people need to get the good jobs in the restaurant business.

The program was funded by grants and the school district under the direction of the Family and Consumer Services curriculum.

But you can't teach without a classroom and it's set up to resemble a real working kitchen.

What sets this kitchen apart from the typical family and consumer sciences classroom is that this place, is state of the art.

Smith, "it's actually a commercial kitchen that's set up with actual equipment that would be in an actual restaurant. The ovens, the ranges the deep fryers, all of that."

When the students finish the program and graduate, along with their diploma they will receive their Pro-Star and Serv-Save certifications. Two steps up the ladder to good jobs.

Smith, "As far as the job they know that this can probably help them. Hone their skills as far as that."

Sophomore Lashonda Sutton is one of the first students to be a part of this new program and realizes the opportunities it creates for her.

"Because it gives me a chance to know what it is like to be in the real world and to work in the kitchen and to understand what's the appropriate way to dress and work in the kitchen."

The students will be able to show off their skills in the schools restaurant classroom, Flashbax.   Although not open to the public the restaurant will be able to cater for small groups.

The ultimate goal is to build confidence with knowledge and training for a good job.

Smith, "They don't have to stay in food service, but everyone has to start somewhere."

The program kicks into full swing in August."