Caraway Road Post Office Location Moving

JONESBORO, AR -- (KAIT) -- If you use the post office on Caraway Road in Jonesboro, located on the ASU campus, changes are in store starting in June.

"We've had a campus post office since 1925 here," said ASU-Jonesboro Chancellor, Robert Potts.

The lease is up at this Caraway Road Post Office location on the campus of ASU, but not to worry, starting June second people can drop off and pick up parcels at a new campus location--the student union.

"You don't have to go across railroad tracks or down the highway a couple of miles to get your mail.  It keeps deliveries timely," said Potts.

Contractors are putting the finishing touches on a 45-hundred square foot facility located on the north entrance of the ASU student union.

This includes securing the 2800 boxes available to rent by students or the general public.

With the price of everything going up, including stamps for that matter, having to drive less to get things on the "to do" list done is certainly a convenience some ASU students welcome.

"I think it will certainly be a lot more convenient in the student union. I understand that they're  going to have more parking spaces, and I think that's a great thing for people who walk all around campus and for those of us who have to park, pick up our mail, and go," said student, Dr. Cherisse Jones-Branch.