Missouri Lottery Makes Region 8 Man Instant Millionaire

CARDWELL, MO (KAIT) -- Ever dream about what you would do if you won a million dollars?  That dream became a reality for one Region 8 man when he scratched his way to some pretty big bucks.

"It's going to be a good thing.  It's just one of those things you don't ever think about, you dream about. It never happens to you, but now it's happened," smiled new millionaire Dane Adams.

Adams has one big check to cash now after he scratched his way to $1 million dollars.  The 41-yeaer-old bought three of the new $20 lottery tickets at Mr. T's Liquor Store in Cardwell, Missouri.  He won $20 on the first ticket, $25 on the second...but the third turned out to be the charm.

"When I saw the one and the comma, I thought I had won a thousand dollars and I was happy. I had won a thousand dollars and great and the commas and the zeros kept coming and I really didn't know what to do from there," explained Adams.

One of the Show Me state's newest scratch off games is showing the money.  The "$4 Million Dollar Cash Bonanza" is the highest payout ever on a scratcher's ticket and believe it or not, Adams didn't walk away with the top prize when he took home a check for $1 million dollars.

Adams is the Missouri lottery's 29th instant millionaire since the lottery began in 1986...and just one of many winners that Mr. T's has helped create. Earlier this month, a $25,000 ticket was sold there.

"We are really excited that his family is going to benefit from this. it makes you feel really good inside to know that somebody who is just a hardworking decent guy," said store owner Bonida Poynor, "That's the kind of winner I like to see, the hard working decent guy."

The good Lord gave this to me for a reason, to take care of my family and my son and that's the important thing do," said Adams.

Dane Adams is the fourth person to win a $1 million dollar prize playing the "$4 Million Dollar Cash Bonanza" game.  But don't worry, still out there are a dozen more winning tickets for $1 million dollars and two $4 million dollar tickets.