Soldier in Iraq Watches Daughter Born in Arkansas Hospital

MAGNOLIA, AR - From more than 7,000 miles and eight time zones away, Second Lt. Lang Doster got to watch his wife Marianne give birth to their second child Wednesday morning via a Web camera at Magnolia Hospital.

Wednesday was the first time Magnolia Hospital had broadcast a birth to a soldier stationed in Iraq.

Raleigh Elise Doster weighed nine pounds and 12 ounces.  She was born at 8:14 a.m.  In Iraq, the time was 4:14 p.m.  Doster is stationed there with Charlie Troop of the Arkansas Army National Guard's 39th Brigade Combat Team.

Doster's wife, Marianne Doster, was not able to see her husband, however.  Doster typed messages to his wife as she was in labor.

He had one word to say when he saw his daughter for the first time: "Wow!"

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