Vandals Cut Five Trees Down in School Courtyard

MARION, AR (KAIT) -- Five trees were cut down by vandals Memorial Day weekend at the Marion High School and now police are asking for help in finding those responsible.

Marion police say it happened in the wee hours of Monday morning and was all caught by school security cameras.  The video from the security cameras has been turned over to the Marion Police Department.

At this point, Marion Detective Freddy Williams says they're working with the theory that this is part of a school prank.

"It's sad.  Those are fine, nice trees they just destroyed.  You know, that's a lousy prank," said Marion resident Danny Marrs.

Marion Police said this isn't the first time something like this has happened here.  About a month ago another tree was cut down and police say they aren't sure if it's the same people or even for the same reason.  They say whoever did it, for whatever reason, this time they took it too far.

While no arrests have been made yet Williams said they do have persons of interest in this case.

If it's a senior prank I can understand them going out and rolling trees or shave creaming people, you know, some of the typical things that juveniles would do but not to the severity of this.," said  Detective Williams.