Fire Code Amended, First Time In 30+ Years


Once a fire starts, the flames can spread quickly.

As Jonesboro Fire Chief Aaron Keller explains, that can take a matter of minutes.

"A fire will double in size every two to five minutes, so once we get the call and it's gone through dispatch, it's already been one to two minutes," said Keller.

That's why the Jonesboro Fire Marshal's office is asking for changes to the existing fire code, which hasn't been amended since 1968.

"We're basically asking for a permitting system which is going to allow us to actually do a thorough review of all the sprinkler systems and fire alarm plans," said Jason Wills, Fire Marshal.

Tuesday night, the Jonesboro City Council approved the measure.

In addition to being able to shut businesses down if they aren't up to standard, the Fire Marshal's office will have access to construction documents, in order to make sure plans in the beginning stages are up to code.

"Before now, there haven't been any fire permits out of the fire marshal's office," said Wills. "The building inspectors have various permits that are required of their offices."

Wills says that makes for a more hassle-free process for both builders and the city.

"This should make it a whole lot easier for everyone involved. That way they can call our office."

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