MoDOT Improving Kennett Roads, Adding Ramps to Sidewalks

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) -- Getting around in a wheelchair may be tough enough, but for folks in Kennett, Missouri, in some spots it's nearly impossible.

You'll notice plenty of traffic traveling through Kennett.  The Missouri Department of Transportation is currently working on two projects in the town, installing a traffic signal on Route 25 and Russell Street and resurfacing Route 25 to Holcomb.  But resident Tom Miller says there are other changes that need to be made, namely ramps added to the city's sidewalks.

"People like to get out; they don't like to stay in the house all the time. people who walk don't think about it, people who drive don't think about it and honestly I didn't think about it until I got a power chair here during retirement days," said local resident and proponent Tom Miller.

Miller believes one of the worst intersections in Kennett is at the intersection of the South Bypass and First Street. He says part of the problem is that the sidewalks here don't have ramps, making it very difficult for wheelchairs here to get on and off these curbs.

"We ride on the right side of the highway by law, it's on the right side, not the middle lane or the side of the left side but it's still dangerous because traffic is coming behind us and we have to trust that cars and transfer trucks not to run into us and we would much rather be on the sidewalk," said Miller.

Representatives from MoDOT say they plan to install ramps on Highways 25 and 84 between the town's hospital and Wal-Mart and will prioritize needs and money becomes available.

MoDOT is interested in the public's input and concerns. For more information about local projects in your area, call 1-888-ASK-MODOT or 1-888-275-6636.

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