Tick Season Returns in Region 8


As the trees thicken their cover over wooded areas, a yearly pest is is making its home back in Region Eight.

We're talking about ticks, and their bite can lead to some severe health problems.

"It can cause anything from confusions to arthritis pain, like joint pains. It can also interfere with your electrolytes. It can also interfere with your blood count, such as your platelettes," said Dr. Sam Palmer.

While these are some of the worst symptoms, a tick bite can commonly lead to skin irritations and rashes.

There are three main illnesses associated with tick bites.

The first is Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, next is Lyme Disease, and the one most common to Region Eight is Erlichiosis.

But doctors like Sam Palmer say it would take some time before a tick bite could actually cause any harm.

"The general consensus is that the tick has to have fed on a person for at least 24 hours before the diseas can transmit," said Palmer.

And as the summer continues to heat up and we venture into the great outdoors, doctors say there is one thing you can do to prevent a tick-borne illness, simply buy and wear bug spray, but there are some other things you can do to keep you and your family safe.

"Wearing light, loose fitting clothes that you can detect the ticks on. Making sure that when you are out in the woods, and when you come home that you take a shower or a bath and inspect your body thoroughly to make sure there are no ticks that are latched on," said Palmer.

And if you should find a tick call your doctor, because you could need an antibiotic to fight a potential tick-borne illness.

We are told that several people have been treated this year for potential tick-borne illnesses, and if not treated a bite can be serious enough for hospitilization.

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