Region 8 Reminded: Never Leave Child Unattended in Hot Car

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Everything from earthquakes, to ice storms, to tornadoes and even heat stress was touched on Friday during Wal-Mart's Emergency Preparedness Day.

"I'm just trying to be prepared in an emergency or disaster because it is coming," said Debbie House.

House says recent events in Region 8 have sounded the alarm on safety, so she's taking a pro-active approach by preparing for the worst.

"The different things that are happening around us like the earthquakes and the tornadoes and just people losing their homes," said House.

One emergency that might not immediately come to mind is heat stress.

While it may not be as large-scale as an earthquake, if not recognized soon enough the impact could be just as fatal.

"We do want everyone to recognize the signs and symptoms of heat stress, heat exhaustion, heat stroke," said Eric Simmons of the Jonesboro Fire Department.

Simmons says the fire department also wants to remind people not to leave children or animals unattended in a hot car during the summer months.

Even if you're just running into a store for what you think will be a moment, Simmons says, it can feel like an eternity for anyone left sitting inside a hot vehicle.

"We do see kids locked in their cars occasionally. The temperature in a car can go up so quick," he said.

Wal-Mart says it hopes reminding customers and employees of these safety points will make a difference.

"We're just trying to make everyone aware because if we're aware then our customers are aware too," said manager Brandi Davidson.

This entire month Wal-Mart will be holding weekly events surrounding it's National Safety Month.

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