Pedal Power, Save That Gas Money

JONESBORO (KAIT) Gas prices rise to another milestone mark...

So how about parking the car and riding a bike to work? the new models and technology make it a lot easier than it used to be.

Mike Fullington, "We're just having a blast, what we decided is that we spent so much time driving from one place to another, just getting there now we've made the trip into something enjoyable."

The Fullington family is into biking around town, to restaurants, all kinds of errands on their hybrid bikes.

Fullington, "We have bags on the back so we can go grocery shopping, its a very universally used bike and it's been great for us."

When I was a kid growing up on the farm in Idaho if you wanted to get to a buddies house four or five miles away, this is the kind of bike you jumped on,1 speed,solid frame big fat tires, got you anywhere you wanted to go. But now it's the 21st century times and bikes have changed considerably.

Jason Broadaway, Gearhead Outfitters, "A bike like this, which is called a comfort bike or a hybrid and is a very upright riding position you don't have to get decked out head to toe in lycra to ride it. Its made for the average person that want's to go ride a bicycle to go ride."

Need to carry your lunch or a laptop or briefcase, not a problem.

Broadaway, "you can bolt racks to them it's easier to carry things, the handling is very stable."

The cost was quite reasonable, well within most budgets and just think of the savings on gas.

Fullington, "I think we figured the first month we saved around six hundred dollars."

Around town sales of bikes to adults have increased but not all may be riding them to work. But there are benefits to riding.

Broadaway, "It's a great idea to ride a bike to work, gas prices being what they are. You can definitely save some money that way. There's obviously some health benefits there too. Average person if they commute back and forth to work for example and their commute is two miles each way. If they don't do any dietary changes at all they'll probably lose 16 pounds in the first year they do it."

You might be saying to yourself, well I've got that old ten speed out in the garage I'll just get it fixed. Well that may or may not work out for you.

Broadaway, "If its a decent quality bike to begin with, I mean all it needs is tires and a tune up you can probably get it back on the road for about 60 dollars. Some bikes that are old that have set up for a long time and they need a lot of work. Probably better off saving your money and putting toward another bike."

Whether you recondition the old one or buy a new one, be sure and condition yourself slowly to your daily ride and always wear a helmet and ride safely.