Still Mellow After All These Years

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - In 1926 Herbert F. Bland and brothers R.A. And Marvin Reynolds decided to form a bottling company. They called it Mellow Moon and it's been bottling soda, ever since.

David Kellums, Sales Manager, "We're one of the only production facilities still running in the midwest especially in Arkansas ."

The plant is capable of producting a variety of products.

Kellums, "Two liters, cans, half liter bottles, most everything's in plastic anymore except for the cans and we just produce a lot of different product."

It takes a lot of people and machines to crank out over 70 flavors and millions of cases of soda each year.

It all starts in big vats of syrup and from there it is a fast, fast process.

One of the biggest changes made at the plant was changing from glass to plastic.

Kellums, "That was a big change over we had to do a lot of line conversions a lot of filler conversions all that to be able to produce it."

Of course even in the beverage industry, the price of oil raises it's ugly head.

Kellums, "Plastic is a petroleum based type product so it's so we've had some significant increase in prices."

Another significant change at the plant is what is rolling out the door as far as beverages go.

Kellums, "We distribute Welches juices, we distribute Snapple waters, all type of healthy drinks now."

And lots and lots of water. But over all Kellums thinks that if the founders walked back in the door, they would be pleased and amazed at how the business has evolved.

"I think they would be amazed all of them that started that the Reynolds family and the Bland family. Where it's gone today."

One of the biggest legacies of the Bland and Reynolds families is their community involvement in the area surrounding Paragould