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Little Rock, AR

AG Stops "Tax Relief" Company from Misleading Consumers

LITTLE ROCK, AR (KAIT) - Attorney General Dustin McDaniel announced this afternoon the filing of a consumer protection lawsuit against a South Carolina-based "tax relief" company.  The parties also presented to the Pulaski County Circuit Court today a Consent Judgement to resolve the allegations in the Attorney General's lawsuit, and to provide restitution to Arkansas consumers affected by the practices of the company.

"Arkansas consumers needing help with back taxes owed to the IRS naturally responded to the JK Harris Company advertisements promising that the tax liability could be settled for "pennies on the dollar," McDaniel said.  "Unfortunately, those promises were grossly exaggerated, and the defendants took substantial fees from many Arkansas consumers knowing that they could offer those consumers little in return."

McDaniel's complaint also alleges that JK Harris also charged substantial up-front fees without determining eligibility and then refused to return the collected fees.


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