Beebe Suspending Appointments to Troubled MLK Commission

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Governor Mike Beebe says he won't make any appointments to the embattled Martin Luther King Commission until lawmakers review its structure next year.

Beebe announced today that he was suspending appointments to the 26-member commission, which has been beset by in-fighting that he has called an embarassment to the state.  Beebe said he won't add any more members until after the Legislature reviews the structure and composition of the panel.

"Until that review occurs, I will not make any new appointments to the commission," Beebe said in a prepared statement released by his office.  "This group has a great purpose and can be a conduit for Dr. King's noble tenets, but it appears increasingly difficult for the commission to do so in its current form."

Beebe has criticized the panel for its public fighting over the legitimacy of some of its members and the hiring of Dr. DuShun Scarbrough as its executive director.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)