Window Tinting Tips To Cool Your Summer

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- As the sun bares down, the season of window tinting is heating up.

"It's summertime. It's hot. It really is. This is the time of year. Our business doubles in the summer."

Joshua Johnson with SuperTints says if your looking to stay cool, tinting your windows is a great solution.

"There's some that block from half the heat up to 70 to 85 percent of the heat. So, once you put the widow film on, it cools your interior down a lot quicker," said Johnson.

But before you jump so quickly to darken your windows, you should know the legal limits.

In the State of Arkansas your front side windows must have a rating of 25%, your rear windows must have a rating of 10 %, and you must have tint no lower that five inches from the top on your front windshield.

So, what does all of that mean?

"The lower the number, the greater the amount of light that is being blocked by the tint."

Police officers like Wayne McClard say maintaining the legal tint limits is important to the safety of all officers.

"Obviously if the windows are too dark, you can't see into the vehicle to see if the person's armed, if there's more than one person in there, or what people might be up to," said McClard.

Any certified tint installation company will place a sticker on your window that shows the tint is in compliance with state law, but if necessary police have their own ways to check.

"The meter shows plus or minus two percent what that transmission is," demonstrated McClard.

But if staying cool is your thing, you can get your windows tinted to just about any level or color.

And not to mention, the shade can even keep the interior of your car looking it's best.

We're told window tinting also helps in accidents by holding windows together when they would otherwise shatter.

Police also tell us that they are noticing more and more people with their whole front window tinted, and remind you that it's very noticable, and if caught you will be ticketed.

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