The Battle is on: Area Youth Groups Compete

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) -- The battle is on for teens at Crowley's Ridge College.  For 14 years teenagers from across the mid south have competed in the Battle of the Youth Groups.  Kids from Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri are in the middle of an annual competition of skill and fun.

"It gives them the chance to come down here and meet each other, greet each other and have a great week together just playing a  lot of games," said Valley View Church of Christ Youth Minister Michael Meredith.

"I think it's a lot of fun.  it's really cool that we get to hang out with a bunch of teenagers our age," said Sophie Hedge.

"It's just like a fun competition.  Not a pride thing or anything, but just to be with other youth groups," said James Cobb.

The eleven teams are going through a series of different battles including volleyball, archery, rope jousting and a rope swing.

"The heat is really bad but they have a great time and a lot of these kids have been here together for a number of years.  They look forward to getting back and seeing each other and compete in different ways," said Battle of the Youth Groups Director Paul McFadden.

"We take away just like more unity because we have to work as a team for each of these events so we take away a sense of unity and teamwork," said Cobb.

Valley View Church of Christ Youth Minister Michael Meredith said events like this one are great for his group of kids.

"It gives them the opportunity to have good Christian relationships.  People they can add on their facebook accounts or text message and just have good friends," said Meredith.

"There's an excitement that they take back that they just enjoy the experience and can't wait to come back," said McFadden.

In addition to the fun and games the event also has devotionals for the teams after the battles of the day are finished.