A Maze in Maize

ST. FRANCIS (KAIT) - It's an amazing feat.

Every year the Daltons who own Pumpkin Hollow near St. Francis cut corn mazes for the adventurous types to wander through .

It's always been a big job to make the mazes but new technology is making it, amazingly easy.

For years thousands of children and adults have enjoyed the corn mazes at pumpkin hollow.

However making the mazes has not been easy.

Ellen Dalton, "In the past depending on weather and all kinds of conditions it could take us anywhere from a week to 2 weeks to finish the cutting and everything done."

The process involved stakes and flags and ribbons and luck. Now technology has eliminated much of that.

Normally they cut the corn maze when the corn is a little bit lower but with the aid of GPS it really doesn't matter.

Dalton, "We had to start when the corn was much much smaller and we had a very very tight window for getting it done because you lose your stakes, you lose your ribbons and it gets hard to measure out there."

There is still a lot of labor involved in the cutting as corn cutter extrodinaire Caleb Moore can attest to but by using the small GPS unit to plot the maze the work load is cut way down even from last years lap top and GPS efforts.

Dr. Dharmendra Saraswat, U/A Extension Speciliast, "These two fields which we will be able to complete say today in approximately 6 or 7 hours that time it took 1 and a half days. So you see went from 15 days to one and a half to days and now one and half days to 6 hours. This is the pace of progress we have achieved."

How it works is that Ellen gave the design to Dr. Saraswat, who overlaid it on a satellite picture a little electronic stewing and the info spits out on the little hand held unit.

The doctor walks out the course in the field and Caleb follows him with the cutter.

Both mazes are ASU themed this year. The easy maze is an ASU football, the big maze is the wolf face.

Dalton, "A real draw I would think for ASU fans basically it was just to honor the changing of the guard with regard to their logo.

You may have to have a helicopter or airplane to appreciate it but no doubt it will be the biggest red wolf logo in Arkansas covering almost seven acres.

Amazingly enough, pumpkin hollow opens September 27th and runs through October.