ASU Red Wolves License Plates Go On Sale

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Inside the Arkansas Department of Revenue office is probably the last place you would expect to hear the words "school spirit."

But on Friday, you could hear howls, as ASU rolled out their new license plate to the public.

"I was the first one. I got to the Revenue Office at about 7:20, and I thought I was just going to just renew my old ASU tags, but the new ones were in, and I was really excited," said Pam Kail.

Revenue Office employees say she was just one of many who made it part of the morning agenda.

"We've had this morning, probably five already. Of course, we only get the initial shipment, and then we have to turn around and reorder quite often," said Regional Manager, Amy Brown.

And that could be the case as nearly half of the initial shipment was sold in the first day.

So how much do they cost?

"If you are coming in with a newly registered vehicle, you would pay regular registration fees depending on what type of vehicle it is, plus the additional 35 dollars for the collegiate tag," said Brown.

The new tag features the Red Wolf embelem as well as the words "Go Red Wolves" across the bottom of the plate.

And for those of you who already have the ASU Indians plate, and are maybe wanting to switch to the new one with the Red Wolf, there are ways you can do that as well, and a little bit cheaper.

In fact, to just switch your plate, if you've already paid your yearly registration fees, the cost will only be $36.25.

And those who have already purchased their new Red Wolves plate say they like the design and the implementation of the new logo.

"I really like the fact that it's just the Red Wolf on there. It's going to be a great branding opportunity for Arkansas State University. We actually have our own little Red Wolf. So, I'm excited," said Kail.

We are told the plates are on sale at nearly all revenue offices in Region Eight, and most across the state.

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