JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Being a mom of multiple children can make life hectic, which leads to mom having a hard time keeping things straight.

"Momnesia" is a condition where a mom can forget her children's appointments or practices.

Many moms have claimed they have trouble remembering all of their children's soccer practices, dance recitals, dentist and doctors appointments or anything else they have to keep up with.

And it is not just practices moms forget, they sometimes forget children entirely. Other cases of "momnesia" are about a child being left in a car, or in a grocery store.

Kate Gosselin, mom on the TLC show Jon and Kate Plus 8, says she has trouble all the time with remembering appointments and keeping up with the fast pace of having a set of twins and sextuplets (six children).

"It's very difficult," Gosselin says. "Your brain just goes."

But, as true as "momnesia" may be, doctors say it is not a medical condition.

Doctors said that the condition is more of an attention problem rather than memory loss.

Moms will get so distracted with everything going on with all their children, their attention for a doctor's appointment can be overshadowed by a soccer game or dance practice.

Doctors also say that the more children a family has, the more distracted a mom can be.

Even though it is not a real medical problem, "momnesia" is apparently a problem for many parents with multiple children.

Dad can also be distracted and forget.

However, Gosselin says even though she is forgetful, she has never forgotten a child.

"We've never left a kid behind. But I always wonder if we will."

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