Jonesboro Orthotic and Prosthetic Laboratory (Services)

Services at JP&O:

  • 1) Limb Prosthetics - At JP&O each prosthesis is custom designed and hand made based on the unique individual needs of our patients. We offer a broad range of premium components for all lower and upper limb amputation levels including: Otto Bock's C-Leg, Ossur's Rheo Knee System, the Harmony vacuum system, Myobock arm components including the dynamic arm, as well as myoelectric hands and much more. 

  • 2) Osteo Arthritis Bracing - We are dedicated to the success of our patients at JP&O Lab. You can rely on us to provide you with state of the art devices that incorporate ultra lightweight designs to help you resume your lifestyle. We have countless success stories from patients that are experiencing Osteo Arthritis of both the knee and the foot. See if JP&O can help.

  • 3) Sports Bracing - With the emphasis on fitness, it's small wonder that more and more people are experiencing sports related injuries. At JP&O Lab we have over 19 years of experience providing bracing for sports related injuries. We offer full product lines from Townsend Design, Don Joy, and Air Cast, among others. Our lines include custom and off the shelf knee bracing including ACL bracing. We also provide custom shoe inserts to assist with a wide range of sports related conditions.

  • 4) Managing Weakness - We see a multitude of patients that are suffering from the aftermath of strokes or muscle weakness. Our orthoses (braces) support a weakened ankle, help your toes swing through a step without catching the ground, and/or help to make your knee more stable. Our staff at JP&O partner with your physician and physical therapist team as allied health professionals to work to maximize your recovery.

  • 5) Pediatric Services - JP&O has long been a premier provider of orthotic intervention for children that may suffer from Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, general muscle weakness, or any number of other conditions that warrant our services. Our bracing solutions help children with foot and ankle problems as we provide proper alignment, limit or encourage ankle motion, reduce ankle hypertonicity and increase ankle stability.

  • 6) Diabetic Services - If you are a patient that is fighting diabetes we have a wide range of services that we offer at JP&O to help you manage your condition. We provide diabetic shoes and custom made inserts for patients that have problems with circulation or neuropathy with their feet. We offer a wide range of solutions for those that have had partial foot amputations or abnormally shaped feet. Our practitioners are well trained, highly skilled, and have years of combined experience.

  • 7) Mastectomy & Compression Garments - You'll find caring and knowledgeable people ready to serve you at JP&O Labs. We offer women who have had breast surgery and exceptional selection of breast forms and bras to closely simulate the look of a natural breast and help restore the body's balance. We can provide custom-made prostheses with realistic skin tones shaped to mirror your sound side. We offer both traditional and contemporary breast forms. We carry bras to accommodate any style breast form and patient preference. We have Board Certified fitters to assist you and private, discreet fitting rooms available. All consultations are private and at no charge.