Harrisburg Hornets Are Blowing Away The Competition

HARRISBURG (KAIT) - In most cases, news stories involving youth and guns are about some kind of tragedy.

But in Arkansas the Game and Fish Commission has formed the Arkansas Youth Shooting Sports Program and a local team from Harrisburg is blowing away the competition.

Chuck Woodson, AR. Game and Fish "No matter what size you are , no matter what shape you're in handicapped, non handicapped, the skinniest smallest kid competing against the biggest football player there is. And what other sport you can think of where a nine year old can compete on the same level with a 19 year old?"

A year ago this was just a field now it sports 4 trap shooting stations and young shooters working on their skills.

The first step is to get your first 25 like Korey Harlson.

"I hit all 25 targets that were thrown off the trap. (is that hard?) yeah (how long does it take to practice to do that?) weeks."

"Cause I been working hard to shoot and practice and it finally paid off."

And all this practice does indeed pay off the Hornets Junior AAA teams have won the state championship for two years running.

Besides the competition and the fun of shooting the AYSSP teaches an important part of gun handling.

Woodson, "There's 24 hundred kids just in the state of Arkansas just in the last two years who have been taught gun safety. And that's our number one goal, gun safety."

You can't shoot without a weapon and the 20 or 12 gauge shotgun is what works best.

Woodson, "Mainly it's the 12 gauge shotgun is what they like to use, it's the over and under trap guns and theirs all different kinds of makes and models of those."

With the state championship under their belts the team has set their eye on their next competition.

Woodson, "They are on their way now to compete at the state level Amateur Trap Association here in Arkansas and they will be well on their way shooting at the Great American in Sparta, Illinois in August at the national championship."