City Buys Scooter to Save Money on Gas

BONO, AR (KAIT) -- With gas prices hovering right around $4 a gallon, many companies have been trying to think of ways to cut down on their fuel use.  What started out as a joke during a brainstorming session in the city of Bono is saving the city hundreds of dollars.

The city has purchased a scooter for $949 from a dealer near Brookland.  The scooter is being used by employees at Bono Water Works to drive around and do their jobs when possible.

"We just drive it around.  We do all of our water turn off's and turn on's and read our water meters," said Bono Water Works employee Jeremy Allred.

This all started when a city employee filled up one of their 26 gallon work trucks and the price tag for that fuel was about $100.

"$100 for fuel right now to fill up a truck versus $3.49 for the scooter, it's pretty good," said Allred.

The scooter is a big difference from the vehicles they usually drive in the city.  While the scooter gets about 147 miles per the one gallon tank, trucks they usually drive get about 15 miles per gallon.

"It's going to help us on gas quite a bit.  Anytime you can drive the same distance on $4 compared to $100 it's going to be a big difference," said Bono Mayor L.M. Duncan.

The city trucks can go about two weeks on a 26 gallon tank.  The scooter goes for the same amount of time on one gallon of gasoline.

"It's all about the gas.  We're trying to save money for the people here at Bono," said Allred.

"We're not forcing anyone to ride it.  They're just riding it because they want to and to help the city save money," said Duncan.

There are three employees for Bono Water Works and so far two of them are riding the scooter.

Mayor Duncan said because there is no helmet law in Arkansas the city employees aren't required to wear a helmet or have any special training to ride the scooter.

They will use the scooter as long as they are able to barring rain or cold temperatures and they can always drive their city trucks when they need to.