Unexpected Resignation By Region 8 Superintendent Gets The Residents Talking

Paragould, AR (KAIT) -- The resignation of Greene County Tech Superintendent Tommy Arant some say sparked Tuesday night's  meeting between concerned patrons in the Greene County Tech School District.

Many say they were surprised by Arant's resignation last Thursday, and some at Tuesday's  meeting, say it may be time for some new blood on the Greene County Tech School Board.

"If we have a problem instead of talking to a friend or talking to neighbor, we need to show up at the board meetings, we need to be informed, and we need to hold the board accountable," said one concerned resident.

No shortage of opinions on Tuesday night in Paragould as many concerned residents in the Greene County Tech School District met to discuss what some say are ongoing problems in the district.

"It's not about railroading our current board members.  It's about trying to gauge the feel of the community to see what they all feel about what happened, and to see what we can do to make a positive difference for the school," said resident, Carol Morris.

Some say what happened was the reason for this meeting.

Greene County Tech Superintendent Tommy Arant resigned last week and now some residents in the district are calling for change on the school board.

"I really feel like it's time for Greene County Tech to get a new board and new blood," said resident Bonnie Myer.

Many also voiced concerns over what some say is the lack of participation by residents in the GCT district at school board meetings.

Many are hopeful Tuesday night's meeting will spark the change many say the school needs.

"If we are concerned about our children and grandchildren, we need to be at the board meetings," said one meeting attendant.

"I think after tonight you will see more people at these board meetings," said Myer.

At the conclusion of Tuesday's meeting, a group was formed who we are told will try and speak with Tommy Arant about his resignation and if there is any chance he would reconsider his decision and return to his job as superintendent.

Tommy Arant had no comment on the meeting.

The school's assistant superintendent will serve as the superintendent until a replacement is found.