Web cams add worries

Teens regularly use MySpace and Facebook to chat with "friends," share pictures and music, and meet new people, but these social networking giants aren't the only sites available. One popular social networking option is streaming Web video, which allows users to engage in group video chats and broadcast live videos, or webcasts, on the Internet using a webcam.

Sites like Stickam, BlogTV, and Justin.tv offer users free access to streaming video technology with little or no content restriction. One of the most popular sites for teens is called Stickam, short for "stick cam," which has approximately 2 million registered users. Although these sites have age restrictions (Stickam doesn't allow users under 14), teens can get around them by lying about their ages when signing up for an account. Users of these streaming video sites often display inappropriate content including nudity, sexual acts, sexual solicitation, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and foul language which are recorded or screen-captured and posted on other social networks like 4chan.